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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Office Nook & Ruby

Hey everyone! 
I thought I would share my little office "nook" with you today and some of my favorite pieces that fall into the  tassels & poms trend that I am sure you are seeing A TON of! Yes, this trend is continuing from last year and I am one happy girl. Throw a pompom on it or embellish it with a tassel and you have my eyes the size of saucers- I want it ALL! The trend is just so fun and colorful, all things that I simply just love. In terms of my office space, I like to keep it light and simple. Gold is a big trend as well, and you'll certainly touches of it here and there around my desk. It's certainly the most feminine place in mine and Pat's humble abode, but he doesn't seem to mind since this is my little corner where I can do my thing! I hope your week has been going well for you! Happy Wednesday! 
xx, Brittany Ann 

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Monday, February 20, 2017

Pretty Pleated Floral Dress

 Pleated Floral Dress // Chanel Bag (similar here, here  & cheaper dupe here) // Studded Heels // Lips "Pink Pigeon" // Gold Hoop Earrings
Hello pretties!
Isn't this just the absolute most perfect dress for Spring? The pinks and olives mixed together is my  new favorite color combo right now! It looks so new and fresh, combining Fall's favorite color with Spring's new favorite. Old with the new! Love! Love! Love! The greatest thing about this dress is its faux wrap top. I love this detail as it makes for a very feminine touch. This dress also comes in black, which makes for a fantastic wardrobe staple for all year long. You certainly can not go wrong with a little black dress, especially with one that can be dressed up or dressed down!
Now the we are moving into Spring, my favorite neutral to accessorize with is the beige color I am wearing in my shoes and handbag. It just feels so light and airy. I have been on the hunt for some wedges in this color, I found these ones here and here, both of which I am contemplating on ordering! I wore wedges this weekend and I can't bear to think of wearing boots again. I am just beyond ready for Spring and Summer and can't wait to be out and about all day long-in the sunshine of course! Pat and I took Ruby for the longest walk over in Winston's Reynolda Village. It's the most beautiful walk, there is an old house converted to a museum, gardens, greenhouses and then across the street is the Graylyn Estate- an old home that sits on acres of beautiful land. It's so pretty and once we got back to the little shops and restaurants, Pat and I decided to sit outside and enjoy some lunch! Ruby sat beside me on a wooden bench and so many people came over to say hi to her. She was loving it!
Thanks for stopping by and Happy Monday!
xx, Brittany Ann
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Friday, February 17, 2017

Get Ready with Me (& Ruby)

I thought I would share my everyday make up routine with you! I have shared similar posts before here and other beauty posts here & here, but for those of you who are new to following along, I thought I would update some of it and share again! Plus, how cute is Ruby in the last  photos? She is the absolute cutest, everyday Pat and I say how lucky we are to have such a sweet dog. Read more about Ruby here.
I am typically one to throw on moisturizer and a dab of liquid foundation and head out of the door.  I use to wear mascara everyday and honestly, I got so annoyed with putting it on. I wear it two to three times a week now, depending on what I am doing! I have just recently become more comfortable with how I look without it! 
Starting off with my little routine, I use Tula's "Illuminating Serum", followed by Clinque's "Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion" mixed with Mac's "Studio Waterweight Foundation". In the foundation color, I use #45! This is just a light coverage on my face, I don't like anything too heavy or thick!
If it's a day where I am going out to dinner or meet up with friends or take blog photos, I tend to use the Anastasia Contour Cream Kit in "light to medium". You can see in the photo above that I am drawing a line on my cheek bones to give them definition in which I then use a beauty blender like this one here to blend the line into my cheeks. I use the creams highlighters under my eyes to brighten my eyes! I instantly feel awake when I do this! 
Up next is what I use to fill in my brows! I have shared this eyebrow kit from e.l.f cosmetics before with you. Yes, I am still obsessed with using this $3 product to give me fuller eyebrows! Honestly, the next time you are at Target, pick up this little kit, you won't be disappointed!
If I am apply eyeshadow, there is no question, I'll use Urban Decay's Naked Palette. I love the neutral tones of this palette, especially because I like less make up on than more and it feels very natural for me. It is above and beyond worth the investment. You'll purchase it and it'll last for two years if not more!
Lastly- mascara! I always start with L'oreal Paris Voluminous Primer. I put one or two coats of this on and then I use a regular black mascara on top of it. The primer preps your lashes, I feel it makes mine longer and fuller when I add this  step! My favorite mascaras are Estee Lauder Sumptuous Bold Lifting Mascara here and Maybelline's Volume Express the Rocket Mascara here. I once read that Carrie Underwood's make up artist always uses two types of mascaras on her eyelashes to make them longer and fuller, I don't know if there is any science behind this but I actually think it works! I always use two different kinds on my lashes!
There you have a simple routine! Let me know your thoughts! I hope you all have a lovely weekend. Pat and I are looking at  two wedding venues! I'm excited!
xx, Brittany Ann
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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Sweetest Little Wrap Dress

Hi ladies!
I hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day!
Pat and I hung inside with Ruby, watching Game of Thrones. I surprised him with dinner already cooked from when he got home from work plus a little dessert- chocolate covered strawberries! I always forget how easy it is to whip the sweet little treat up! I need to make it for when friends come over or something, always a delight! Speaking of things being sweet, this dress would fall under that category as well! This Everly wrap dress comes in four colors: black, burgundy, gray and the blush I am wearing! I have several wrap dresses and they all tend to be worn on repeat for me. I love how this one feels on, very flattering with its fit and flare shape! It feels very soft and feminem especially how it hugs my chest. I will be wearing it nonstop! It's supposed to rain today, but then the rest of the week is full sunshine and high seventies- my favorite kind of weather!
Hope you're having a good one!
xx, Brittany Ann 


Monday, February 13, 2017

A Jord Watch for the Man I Love

 Nike Camo Windbreaker (similar here & here) // G-Star Denim // Adidas NMD (similar here) // Gray Tee (Pat's favorite)  // Watch 
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
In honor of Valentine's Day, I thought I would let the love of my life have his moment on the blog! A lot of you may not know this, but Pat is big into fashion and fitness. He is always rocking the newest, the absolute coolest sneakers, always looking for new hats, socks, gym gear, etc. When I first fell in love with him years ago when we were babies in high school (OMG where has the time gone?) Pat always matched his shoes, socks, tees or hoodies with his hats. It was adorable then and still stylish now! I love a man who puts thought into what he is wearing! Pat (1000%) owns more shoes and hats than I do. In fact, I bet he owns more than you and I combined. It's ridiculous. Anyway, remember my post I did a little while back with Jord Wooden Watches here? They reached out to see if my fiancĂ© (woot, woot, Pattypie!) would be interested in wearing one of the men's watches on my blog! Pat and I have always talked about doing fitness posts together but I wasn't sure if he would be up for the challenge doing a post solo. Well look everyone, my handsome fiance rocking this watch here!
I am a fan of Jord watches because I love how unique and different they are. Every time I wear mine (it's the Frankie 35 series in dark sandalwood with the mint face) I always have someone compliment me on it! It's a statement piece for sure and Pat's is no different! 
The white face on his really complements the red tones in the watch band. There are touches of blue on the face which looks really nice as well! Watches make for a great gift all year long. Valentine's Day, birthdays, Christmas, you name it and it's something that will always be special to whomever you are gifting it to.
Now for the GIVEAWAY: Enter your information in this form to be entered in a chance to win a $100 gift card & $25 gift card to purchase your own wooden watch! Giveaway ends February 26th!

xx, Brittany Ann


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