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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

5 Tips for Packing for a Trip

 Blue Choker Tee // Distressed White Jeans // Long Ribbed Cardigan // Camo Tee  // Espadrille Wedges //  3pc Luggage // Packing Cubes // Everything else linked in below widget!

Hi everyone!
I took a super early flight this morning and I am off to somewhere totally new for the week! I have only heard that it is absolutely beautiful and the people are really nice and super cool so stay tuned to where I am headed! Follow me on Instagram @BrittanyAnnCourtney to see videos and updates on what we are doing and where all we are going!
I have been traveling a lot lately (I feel so lucky, nothing beats traveling and experiencing new things!)  so I thought I would share 5 tips on packing for a trip.

1.) Make a List
I can't tell you how many times I would forget something because it was so obvious to bring but in the moment of packing with my mind racing a mile a minute I would forget a needed item.  It is so simple and basic, writing everything down, but it'll make you think twice and when you have the item packed, you'll feel super productive crossing it off the list!

2.) Compartmentalized your items
This packing cube set has been a game changer in preparing me for a trip, but also staying organized during the trip. I swear by them, you need to buy yourself a set now and buy your bestie one too! Great gift item idea for holidays and birthdays, if you ask me! I pack my clothing into these cubes based off of their function. For this trip, we will be spending most of our time outdoor doing something athletic. I have an entire packing cube dedicated to work out gear. Another one is devoted to evening outfits, what I will wear to dinner and what is a bit nicer to wear for different evening events. I have another one for the necessities, bra, underwear & socks. I used another one for swimsuits, cover ups,  sunscreen and pool slides. The cubes make your realized how much of each category you are packing and always helps me slim down the amount. During the trip, it's awesome because if you and whomever you are with decides to last second change what you are doing, you can immediately go to the one cube and pull what you need versus throwing everything around your suitcase. I highly recommend these! You can find these cubes at Homegoods, Marshalls & Target too!

3.) Layout your layers
You may not be headed somewhere chilly, but chances are between the airplane or restaurants, wherever you are going you will need something to keep you warm. I can't tell you how many times I pack similar-colored cardigans or jackets because I last second grabbed one for the plane. You need one cream/black cardigan, one jean jacket and one other cardigan. Not two of the same! I like to layout my layers so I can make sure the two or three added layers are different enough and serve a purpose. Can I wear them more than once? Twice? If so, then one will stay out for the plane and the two other will get packed (in a cube of course).

4.) Pack your carry-on last
This is huge for me. Traveling with a large camera, laptop, cords, batteries, etc. can be a lot. I need to have what I need with me to be organized and accessible. All of the above items get placed in my carry on + a few necessities in case the main luggage gets lost. I always have a pair of pjs, toothbrush, swimsuit, work out outfit, tennis shoes, change of underwear, some snacks and a book in my carry on. You want to be prepared for the worst and should you arrive somewhere without your main luggage you can enjoy your first part of the trip without too much disappointment. I like to keep anything valuable in my carry on so that it stays with me too! If the airline request that it does go under the plane for space, I keep a small lock on it that I can flip on it to reassure my mind that everything is safe & secured!

5.) Check in to your flight & check your confirmations
It's a total preference but checking into your flight ahead of time makes me feel I have everything under control and that I am up to date with the flight. You can usually pick your seat a head of time and have it on your phone to scan into the kiosk and then onto the plane. I like to do it! My friend Caitlin showed me the "Trip It" app which I also highly recommend! TripIt is an app that organizes all of your travel plans into one place. We used it for Italy and it was the best thing. You can forward all of your confirmations to and it stores everything into the app and shows you in a timeline everything you need. You can also add an event yourself if you wish. I did this when we pre-arranged a car service pick up for a few days later. It picks up confirmations from the email you create the account with so you don't have to add much if you keep everything in one or two email accounts!

I hope this post helps you in packing for your upcoming trips! These little five tips have really helped me be prepared and stay organized for all of my travels!
Where are you headed next?
xx, Brittany Ann 

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Friday, July 21, 2017

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Opens to Public + Our Engagement Photos!

 Happy Friday y'all! Today is the day where the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is opened to the public, anyone without a Nordstrom card is able to purchase all of the goodies! Things will go quickly so I suggest you shop now! If you missed it, I rounded up my favorite items in this post & tried on some items I purchased in this post. In the below, you will find an updated shopping round up with items fully stocked, click on any of the below to shop the sale! If something is out of your size, keep checking as Nordstrom will continue to restock items. The sale goes until August 6th! 

Our Engagement photos are here!
I have been just dying to share these photos with all of you! We had so many to pick from, I am sharing our favorites here! Is Ruby not a little model? She is so sweet and precious, she did such a good job! We took these in Charleston, it was Ruby's & Pat's first time visiting. My best friend Brianna had moved to Charleston for a summer internship and when I visited her, I fell in love with the charm and beauty of this historic city! I knew it would be the perfect place for our engagement photos! Pat really likes his dress pants European style, super skinny in the bottom. He always shops from ASOS since they have this style! My white lace dress is low in stock but my lavender floral dress is fully stocked here! I am making progress on the wedding planning....I will be sharing an update with all of you soon. Hint, we aren't getting married in the U.S.!

Photos and hand written cards are my favorite things to keep in little boxes that I can easily access. They sit on my shelf in my office area and I occasionally pull them out and read every card Pat and I have exchanged since, gosh I don't even know, sixteen? He use to doodle on our Church's bulletin, something making fun of me or whatever, so I have those too! Now for photos, a picture is worth a thousand words right? I love looking at these photos because I see happiness and love. Two things that I owe to Pat. He is patient, he is kind, he is absolutely everything I could ever dream of. Loyalty and trust are the strongest qualities he feels a relationship has to have and I couldn't agree more. I feel so blessed we have a strong foundation built on trust and we see eye to eye on living a Christian life and leading our future family down the same path.
I can't wait to share more wedding information with you soon!

Thanks for stopping by!
xx, Brittany Ann

*Photography by Erin Rose Photography LLC. She was amazing to work with and Ruby loved her!*

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Nordstrom 2017 Anniversary Sale Try On Review

Hi everyone! With the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale going on for card holders and opened to everyone tomorrow, I thought I would do a quick try on session for y'all and give you my thoughts on some of the items I picked! At the very bottom of the post you can shop all of the pieces I am wearing and their color options! 
 ASTR Wrap Dress Price: $79  Sale: $49
I thought I would start my review off with this wrap dress since it is my favorite item in the sale that I purchased! I think it is super flattering, can easily be worn to work with a cardigan or jacket and then worn out for drinks or dinner afterwards! It also comes in this pink color which I am super tempted in ordering since it's beautiful and I know I would wear it over and over again too! 

Socialite Cutout Choker Tee Price: $28  Sale: $17
 BlankNYC  Let It Roll Girlfriend Jeans Price: $88  Sale: $59
 Halogen Long Ribbed Cardigan Price: $89  Sale: $49

First off, this tee is super comfortable and super soft. It has a nice drape to it so it hangs from your chest downwards. It comes in six other colors and you can't beat it at this price! I ordered my usual, size medium for reference!
BlankNYC is one of my favorite denim brands and I love how these have some distress and frayed hem.. I love how every single pair fits, they sit higher on my waist and stay up and over my butt, which is key! I ordered my usual size, however, I have been losing weight so I was actually pleased they didn't fit! I'm exchanging them for one size down, but all of my other pairs fit true to size! Order your usual!
This cardigan is so pretty in person, the photo does not do it justice! It also comes in black here, it is a wool material making it super warm! I ordered a size medium for reference!

Leith Easy Circle Cardigan Price: $75 Sale: $49
Camo Tee $19
White Jeans $75 

I always seem to pick up Leith's updated cardigan every single year. They are a great quality, are super flattering and nice and cozy. Last year I picked up a similar version in olive green so this year I thought I would go with this pretty blush pink option. I am wearing a size medium for reference!
This camo tee is not a part of the sale but I thought I would share it since I just got it in from Nordstrom Rack. It is only $19,  I love the v-neck and I am wearing a size medium for reference! I have linked other camo tees in the below widget that Nordstrom currently has, some on sale, some are not! Check those out if you are on the hunt!

Double Ruffle Sleeve Blouse Price: $28  Sale: $17
BP Milo Loafer Mule Price: $28  Sale: $17
BaubleBar Metallic Crispin Ball Statement Earrings Price: $33  Sale: $48
Articles of Society Sarah Skinny  Price: $64  Sale: $41

So I was extremely excited to get this cute little ruffle top in and I have to admit I don't love it. The fabric is super crisp which I had figured so the ruffles could hold shape, however, it wrinkles and wrinkles. You would not be able to drive to work and have it not be totally wrinkled by then! It does come in two other colors, black and red, but for me it is a fail.
I love the jeans except they run big, so I would order a size down from your usual size.
The mules are so pretty, they have this embroidered design on them with gold hardware I can see myself wearing them a lot!
One last thing, how cute are these statement earrings from BaubleBar? You know I wear their jewelry nonstop and these earrings will be no exception!

Adidas Logo Tank Price: $30  Sale: $21
Zella Leggings Price: $65  Sale: $42
Adidas is super cool, super trendy and since I work out at the gym seven days a week I was pumped to get this tank in to wear. I am not a huge fan of it at all. I don't like how it is cut in the arm pits and how boxy it fits.
The Zella leggings, however, are great! I love the different cut outs with mesh inserts and I love how they squeeze everything in! They remind me of these lululemon pants that I wear often, except these Zella leggings are a 1/3 of the price!

Maralyn & Me Quilted Hooded Jacket Price: $89  Sale: $58
So this jacket is AMAZING! I came out of the room to show Pat and he goes "What the, you live in North Carolina". I'm telling you, you can not beat this deal, it is so warm, it's made really well. I am pumped for this jacket! My blood has completely thinned out so sixty degrees can be a bit chilly for me! This is why we can never move home to Pittsburgh! My favorite thing about this coat, it zips all the way up to be like a turtleneck and then you can snap the rest closed however high you would like!

That's it for today! Thank you for stopping by! If you are interested in more of the items I think are great from the sale, check this post out here too and shop the below widgets for the items I wore above and ones I have my eyes on!
xx, Brittany Ann

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Accordion Pleated Yellow Cami Top

Morning everyone!
Today I am sharing this bright yellow pleated camisole top that I just can't get enough of. We are in the middle of summer and while I am super pumped about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and my picks here, I just can't abandon my favorite summer pieces quite yet!  This camisole is a super lightweight fabric that "flounces" off of your body. It sits loosely on your chest and drops from the bust, which is ideal so nothing sticks to you in this insane heat! I love the summer, but we are just about at the point where it feels you can't get away from it. The humidity is so high you are instantly sweating when you go outdoors. I am off to somewhere a bit cooler next week so I will welcome some cooler breezes! Any guess as to where I am going? I will still be in the U.S. and I need to pack my hiking gear! Oh my! Stay tuned!
I hope your week is going well, almost half way to the weekend!
I have linked my outfit details below + some other cute summer camisoles!
xx, Brittany Ann 
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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Black & White Gingham Dress in Pittsburgh

I love a good sundress that you can just throw on and go! One that is comfortable to wear all day long, one that you simply don't have to think about. This black and white gingham dress is one of those dresses! It fits true to size, I am wearing a size medium for reference and it is only $17! I love that I can wear it now with these little espadrille slides, and come fall, I can switch to ballet flats or even booties! It's crazy we are nearing August, mentally I always think to start transitioning my wardrobe to more Fall colors come mid August as it is still too hot to switch into sweaters or anything much heavier!
We took these photos over the Fourth of July when we were in Pittsburgh. I love these yellow bridges that lead you from one side of the city to the next. We were across from PNC ball park & Heinz Field when we took these. It's always such a cool city to explore- when the weather is nice!
Have a good one!
xx, Brittany Ann  
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