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Monday, October 16, 2017

Stripe Bow Shirt + Denim Skirt

Happy Monday everyone!
I hope all of you had wonderful weekends! I just love being in New York City. It's such a magical and inspiring place! I'm excited to share some photos from this trip with all of you!
You may notice I have a slight obsession..with denim skirts. I can't stop wearing them, especially with chunky sweaters and cute tees like this one that I am wearing. It's currently on sale for $19....yup, you read that right! You better grab it now before it's gone! It's super soft and the bow ties are just the cutest! Free shipping and free returns, can I get an Amen:-)
Pat and I are getting in tonight pretty late but we are going straight to our friend's house to get Ruby girl! I'll be home for about  5 hours before I have an early flight out with my friend to somewhere I have never been...stay tuned!
xx, Brittany Ann 
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Friday, October 13, 2017

5 Essentials for Creating a Productive Office Space

I spend so much time in this space, hours upon hours brainstorming, editing, creating content, sending out invoices, etc that I thought I would share my recent update to this space and the 5 essentials you need for making your office space more productive. If you work from home or head into an office each and every morning, I think these 5 tips will aide in helping you create a comfortable yet productive office space.

1.) Have warm lighting
I am someone who is incredibly affected by the light around me. If you have been following me for a little while, you know I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. My parents, 4 siblings and future in laws all still live there. Despite how amazing the city of Pittsburgh is, we could never move back because the lack of sunny days. Pittsburgh unfortunately has more gray, cloudy days than sunshine. Add in the snow and cold that seems to last 5 months and it honestly feels like the end of the world for me. I need my sunshine...and now that I have it almost every single day here in the Carolinas,  I could never do without! My office is no exception and I need to have warm light to feel cozy and happy. Often times, offices have fluorescent lighting and I think it makes you feel drab. When I worked at my last corporate job, my friend Taylor gave me his sun lamp  and the thing worked wonders because it was this illuminating warm glow in front of me! A warm lightbulb in your lamp will do the same! 

2.) Have a place for everything

I swear that organization is the key to living a successful and happy life. Anytime I feel overwhelmed, frustrated or stressed, the root cause is almost always not being organized or prepared. And preparation comes when you put a plan into action, so we are back to the whole organization thing! I like everything to be minimum. How much of anything do we actually need? [Exception: You can never have too many pairs of shoes :-)] I can't work in a space where I just see clutter everywhere. And unfortunately, Pat has to deal with this everyday-all day, but in my eyes anything extra is simply clutter. He can be reading a piece of mail and I'm ready to ask if its trash. I know, I know, I need to chill with that. Anyway, for my office space I have found a few essentials that create a productive space. The hanging gold file rack is perfect to store the papers you need up and out of the way. I have pretty glass jars to add a little bit of color to the desk but it holds my pens, markers and scissors. You'll will never see a pen sitting on my desk when I step away from it. It takes the same amount of effort to lift it off of this desk as it does to grab it out of one of the jars! I have a little gold trinket dish to hold the pins for the bulletin board. When I receive specific guidelines from brands that I need to include when I post, I write them down on a sticky note and pin it to the board. These things can be the contact rep's name for a specific brand, the brand's hashtag or campaign name, etc. I find that if you have a place for everything then you always know where everything is!

3.) Must have cute accessories
We all know we have a better day when our hair looks great. Our workouts are more effective when we are in our new cute leggings and tanks. Our big meetings seem to go better when we wear a new dress and favorite heels. Well, I work better when I am surrounded by white and gold things, pink accents and lush plants! Hahah! So yes, I think it's important to have cute accessories at your work space! I am obsessed with my new laptop skin & iPhone case from Caseapp. You can design your skin and phone case by simply going to their website and uploading an image. They also have a ton to choose from too if you wish! The entire design process was super easy: Select the product you want, upload an image, receive product a few days later. Super easy and yet super effective. Love these two products! 

Calendar is from Target, all else Homegoods!

4.) Have pieces that inspire you
I believe that if you surround yourself with positivity, positive things will follow. The things you have in your life are directly correlated to the view you have on your life. I have really been trying to cut out anything negative in my life because we aren't guaranteed tomorrow and there is no reason to harbor negativity when there is so much room for positivity. In my office space, I have photos, greenery, illustrations all things that breathe life to me. These things inspire me to be creative and focused. They help me move through my day while making it good time well spent.
[Memory board from Homegoods. Vase from Target. Frames from Bed Bath Beyond.]

5.) Incorporate a standing desk
This number isn't the easiest thing to simply just find and incorporate in your space. A lot of offices do not provide this and they can be quite expensive if you ask for one or if you want to purchase one.
Mine is from the company InMovement, whose mission is to make your workspace healthier. You can purchase the desk here through Amazon and while I know it's not the cheapest Amazon purchase, I  ensure you that it's an incredible product and I really enjoy having it.
It does require ample amount of space for the desk to sit on but it's really cool that you can adjust the height to over 10 different settings. If you see in the last photo above, you simply put your hands on both sides and squeeze the lever to adjust the desk. It's super easy! I find the combination of sitting and standing helps me focus and fuels energy. After a few hours of working,  I don't feel tired or annoyed that I am in one place! I just keep sitting and standing as I work away!

How cute is my Ruby girl? If you follow me on instagram [@brittanyanncourtney] you know Pat and I are off somewhere again this weekend. We are meeting his best friends (after 10 years now, my closest guy friends :-)) in the big apple! I used to live in NYC, I had interned in the PR department at Oscar de la Renta, so I am beyond excited to be back in the city. Talk about productivity- I see those city lights and my heart pounds with energy and excitement! Anyway, per usual I am bouncing with excitement to travel but I cried leaving Ruby.  And I know she is 100% fine, she is with one of our good friends here in Winston. She's with her boyfriend Aster (he is our friend, Matt's red goldendoodle you probably have seen on my instal-stories before!) so I know she is entertained and in good hands! It's always just so tough! Where are my fur mamas at, do you agree??

Enjoy your weekend! Follow me as we hang out in NYC!
Thanks for stopping by,
xx, Brittany Ann 

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Plaid Pumpkin Patch Visit

Happy Wednesday everyone! It's completely 100% Fall around here...except its still 85 degrees! Hahah! Pat's parents came in town last Thursday before we road-tripped down to Savannah. We stopped by this adorable pumpkin patch with Ruby to pick up some goodies and get some photos! The patch is so adorable with lots of different areas for photos. I love the wagons they have to put your pumpkins and mums in so you can wheel it right over to the car. Super helpful! In the photo of Ruby sitting in the wagon, does she not look just over it?  I just about died taking all of these photos because of all of the props and different things, I can't imagine if I had little ones!

What screams Fall fashion more than this plaid top? I love wrap tops because I think they are so figure-flattering. I love how this one has long ties to make a cute little bow on your hip! It stays tied tightly too, I didn't have to even think about if it was coming undone or if my chest was showing too much or anything! I paired the top with this denim skirt and added booties to complete the look! Denim skirts are always great to wear year round, however, I think they lend themselves so well to Fall styles. You can wear them with thick sweaters or with a few layers and they always look cute and chic. I wore this asymmetrical one here in an instagram photo and have been wearing it on repeat ever since!

Just so you know, if you go to the right side of my blog and scroll down a little, you'll see "Search this Blog". You can type anything in there to find related content. For an example, I told you I wear a lot of wrap tops and dresses because I love how they fit, if you would type "wrap" in the search box, you can see other posts where I am wearing a wrap style top or dress!

Thanks for stopping by!
xx, Brittany Ann

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Friday, October 6, 2017

The 8 Things I Always Keep in my Gym Bag

Birdie Jemma Gymbag // Marble Long Sleeve //High Impactl Sportsbra // Gymshark Fit Cropped Leggings // Adidas NMDs (similar here) // Blender Bottle ProStak

Happy Friday everyone! I'm sharing one of my favorite bags I own- my gym bag! 
This Birdie Gym bag quickly became one of my favorites when I realized how much can fit inside of it and how versatile it is. This bag can surely be used from office to gym, gym to running errands, whatever your needs may be. It doubles as the perfect bag to be used for a weekend getaway too! Take a sneak inside my bag as I share my top 8 items I always keep in my workout bag!

1.) Protein Bars
 First & foremost would have to be my little stockpile of Pure Protein & Quest bars. I keep a few in a little zip case that you can pick up in a set from Marshalls or Tjmax. I don't like anything loose in any of my bags so these little bags are the best way to stay organized! These bars can range from  20 grams of protein to 30 grams which is an incredible amount to consume at one serving of protein. I keep them in my bag incase I decide to run errands after the gym, decide to stay for a work out class after my work out, perfect to always have on hand. In fact, if you look inside any of my handbags, there is bound to be one of these in there. Back up fuel!

2.) Sweat Towel
Okay, no the most glamorous thing to talk about but let's cut to the basics. You're working out super hard, sweat is going to occur. It's a serious mood buster if I get to the gym and realize I don't have a towel to wipe my face with. So with this bag, I can keep a few in there! Pat's favorite is this Gatorade towel because despite the printing on it, it's super soft! 

3.) Dry Shampoo & Deodorant
My favorite dry shampoo is Batiste Dry Shampoo Original Clean & Classic and you can get a good deal on it on Amazon, however, if you are out and about and need to easily pick a bottle up, I like Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Dry Shampoo. Favorite deodorant? Mine would have to be Dove's Cool Essentials (cucumber scent)!

4.) Shower Essentials
In case I don't have time to run home after the gym but need to shower, I keep travel sizes of my favorite shampoo, conditioner & body wash in another little zip case. I have my wet brush (I talked about how I swear by this brush here), travel size moisturizer and BB cream so I have some coverage for wherever I need to go in a hurry!

5.) First Aid Basics
I keep some bandaids, Neosporin and migraine relief in a little zipper compartment because you just never know when you need these basic things! I have the same little set in my car too!

6.) Headphones
I wear my wireless Beats by Dre for almost my entire work out. You can find the white ones and a few other colors here. Those babies are synced to my Spotify account and I play my gym playlist! Sometimes I play 90s rap (lol) because it pumps me up and motivates me to work harder ahaha! I always have a pair of old iPhone headphones with me, the ones with the circular jack so if I am on the stair master or an elliptical and I want to listen to HGTV or a football game, I can plug those in to listen!

7.) Another set of clothes
Typically, I always keep another gym outfit. Tank, sports bra, leggings, underwear and socks. This is incase I need to run out and meet up with some people or whatever,  I can rock the athleisure trend, but be obviously clean while doing it! This bag is awesome because you can store two pairs of shoes underneath the main compartment! Again, so versatile!

8.)  After Workout Protein
I always have an extra blender bottle in my bag that has a serving of protein powder in it. Similar to the protein bars, after you work out you really want to fuel your body. All you need is to mix in some water and be on your way out the door!

I hope all of you have a fantastic weekend. Pat and I are off somewhere traveling with his parents and sister (and her three dachshunds and our Rubybear). It's a southern town with a ton of charm! I have always wanted to visit so be sure to follow me on instagram @brittanyanncourtney to see our adventures!

Thanks for stopping by!
xx, Britany Ann 

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