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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

ThredUp : New Way to Recycle Clothing

Dress c/o  // Bracelets  c/o // Clutch (similar here) // Cardigan // Earrings // Scarf // Wedges // Mac Lipstick "D for Danger"  
I am excited to share something really cool with all of you today! I have recently partnered with ThredUp- the largest second hand online clothing store. They have stream lined the entire process of selling and buying high quality second hand clothing. There are two parts of their business: You can sell and you can purchase. Purchasing is as easy as buying from any retailer's website. You simply go to their site: ThredUp and browse through their inventory. Each item is triple checked for signs of wear and that zippers zip, buttons button, etc. before they are steamed and photographed for the online site. The website has the same capabilities of other retailers in which you can filter on brands, sizes, color, categories, etc. Once you find some goodies you simply add to your cart and enter your payment information. This is the process I took for the above seersucker dress! I was so pleased once I received my package- this is like a brand new dress. There isn't any signs of wear, it smells fresh and is exactly as how it was described when I looked at it online! 
Now you can also sell your clothes on their website. The process begins with ordering a "Clean Out Kit" here. ThredUp sends you this massive plastic bag with a prepaid shipping label  (free, $10 will later be deducted from what you earn) and you fill it with in season trendy items that are stain free and are in great shape. You then drop it off at the post office and that is it! ThredUp will then sort through your items and those that are in good shape will then be photographed and put online. Once your item is purchased you will then make a commission on it! The website even lets you guesstimate what each item's earnings would be. Check that out here. Once my items make it to the website, I'll update you on the actual selling experience!
Another thing I really like about this company is their mission statement: "We want to leave the planet sustainable for the next generation--saving water, recycling, reusing items and donating to good causes". Any of your items that do not sell, they donate to different charities who can use your once loved items! 
ThredUp is certainly a company I will support over and over again! If you are like me, you have a ton of clothing that you probably don't wear season after season. Take the time to go through your closets and send your items in to make a little extra! Whatever doesn't make the cut, you know it's going to a good cause!
Happy Tuesday!
xx, Brittany Ann 

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Monday, February 27, 2017

Cold Shoulder Dress for Spring!

 Cold Shoulder Dress (similar here & love this one one) // Booties (similar here, love these wedges) // Hat (old similar here)  // Crossbody (old, love this one here)  // Lip "Dubonnet" // Earrings (similar here
Happy Monday everyone!
What an amazing weekend it was for Pat, Ruby and I! The weather was absolutely gorgeous on Saturday and although it was a bit cooler yesterday, it was still sunny and fairly warm! Pat and I looked at another wedding venue and we both really, really liked it! I think he is starting to feel a little "burned out" on looking at venue after venue! I know the  general feel I am going for, but I have a list of places I have researched and I want to see them all before I decide. Actually, once I have completed my list I want to rank my top 5 and then I think my mom and Pat's mom will come down from Pittsburgh and we will tour each one again. It is just so much to research and hard to know quickly what the entire cost would be! I never knew it would be so much work to even start the entire process! I'll make a decision at some point though! I'm optimistic!
My wardrobe is starting to shift to bare legs and dresses! We have been having consistent blue skies and sunshine here in North Carolina and I am not complaining! Pat told me I need all of the sun I can get- that I am far too pale! Hah- like I can help it! I have rounded up some of my favorite spring transitional dresses in the below widget. Just click on the image below to shop!
Happy Monday!
xx, Brittany Ann 


Thursday, February 23, 2017

Cold Shoulder Dress ($15!)

 Cold Shoulder Dress // Pom Pom Earrings // Mules (similar here or here)  // Sole Society Bag // Lips "Pink Pigeon"
It's Thursday..woot woot!
 I know I have said it multiple times before but cold shoulders are a big trend and I love this dress with its little ruffle detail! It makes for a special little addition! I styled this dress on more of the causal side with my big bag, mules, and the most adorable pom pom earrings which are only $6! The next time I wear this dress, I will most likely wear it out for dinner and some drinks! I would dress it up to make it totally different: heels, a clutch, bigger earrings, you know glam it up a bit. I love this dress so no matter how it's styled, I know I will be in love! You should opt to add it to your wardrobe too, at only $15 it is a steal! I would suggest ordering one size up for a bit longer length!
Have a good one,
xx, Brittany Ann
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