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Friday, April 28, 2017

3 Bold Colors to Wear with Turquoise

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Happy Friday everyone!
I thought I would do something a little bit different for today's post. This instagram photo (follow me @brittanyanncourtney) is my most liked photo of all time. This is big for me :-)!!! I had a lot of you comment that you love the color combo and that you love turqouise as well so I thought I would share two other bold colors, yellow & pink, that you can mix with your turquoise jewelry! Turquoise jewelry will always be a great investment. It is always the biggest color for jewelry in Spring and Summer and it always makes the outfit feel new and fun. I have never been shy to wear bright colors; there is just something about them that makes me feel so alive and happy! I  will say that over the past year, I have been into wearing more and more neutrals, I believe this is because that's super trendy right now, however, there are times when punches of color are the answer!
You will notice that I kept the silhouettes and designs of the tops and dresses simple. They are all solid without a lot of details. My dress here is a dobby spot fabrication, however, from a far it reads as a solid color. I think this is really important when wearing something so bold. I keep my turquoise jewelry to only one or two pieces at a time. Follow Coco Chanel's rule: "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take off one accessory". That quote will keep you in line!
Does anyone have big plans for the weekend? I would love to hear, drop me a comment in the below!
I have a lot of errands and things to get done....I am traveling again next week...I am BEYOND excited for where we are headed!
xx, Brittany Ann
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  1. turquios is one of those awesome colours that adds instant tropic to any outfit. My favourite is when pair it with black or white, but i've never really considered adding it with some of the colours you have in your post. I really love the orange combo!


  2. I love this colour palette on you!!


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