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Thursday, June 15, 2017

GoGo Gift Bag: Women Entrepreneur Success Story

Happy Wednesday everyone! It's no secret to anyone in my family or circle of friends that I love a good present that is wrapped in the cutest wrapping with some ribbon and a bow. The cuter the paper and the bigger the bow;-) Sometimes, however, it isn't practical to have all of these supplies on hand and enough time to make it look just right. We have all been there, you run out the door and text "Im on my way". You were supposed to be at the party twenty minutes ago but instead you are at the store grabbing a gift, the bag and tissue in a mad rush. Well save our souls no more, Erin Borges, a mom and entrepreneur, invented a game changing product that has turned into a massive success: GoGo Gift Bag- the bag that BLOOMS!
These high quality, colorfully decorated gift bags has wings of tissue paper attached to the inside of the bag (front and back). The tissue paper is pre-coordinationed and literally styles itself in a super impressive way, all the while saving you time and money! After inserting your gift, simply fan one wing (left to right) then separate the ply (front to back) and watch it BLOOM for the ultimate gift wrapping delight in seconds!
Follow along in the below images to see how you will be able to conceal your gift, in the easiest, most convenient and cutest way with these patent pending gift bags!

Step 1: Insert your present into the bag. 

Step 2: Grab the each corner of the tissue paper and fan out.

 Step 3: Repeat step two on the other side of the bag. Grab each corner and fan out the tissue paper . 

 Step 4: Easy as 1-2-3! Separate the colors of the tissue paper to bloom. Make it look fluffy and perfect!

 Step 5: Smile because you just wrapped an amazing gift in 20 seconds! Out the door you go!

I like to switch it up every now and then on my blog. I want to share products that I love and use in my every day life. These will be one of them! The product is fast, reliable, affordable and beautiful! Done & done! I can't wait for my next party that I need to bring a present too! 
These bags are available online here and in stores nationwide at Cost Plus World Market.  Be sure to be on the look out for them in more stores by the end of the summer! Great success for Erin- I love it!
I know today's post was a little bit different but I feel so strongly about sharing other women's success. I feel very lucky to have been raised by my mom who is fiercely independent and bold. Tell my mom that she can't and she will tell you how she already did it. My Grandma was the same way. She would tell you she was doing something and if you didn't believe she would leave you standing in the dust. Both of these women shaped me to be independent and to never stop chasing after what I want. Maybe you are trying so hard for something and it's not working. This doesn't mean to stop but rather face that you are at crossroads and choose a different path to get there!  I love hearing success stories. I love hearing people's dreams. I love watching women rise to the top to stand among the men. Getting going girl! Get it!  I support you! I feel women are constantly up for scrutiny and we need to build each other up than put each other down. I would love to hear any inspiring stories you have about yourself or about the women in your life. Leave me a comment in the below or email me at BrittanyAnnCourtney@gmail.com

Enjoy the day!
xx, Brittany Ann

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