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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

5 Tips for Packing for a Trip

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Hi everyone!
I took a super early flight this morning and I am off to somewhere totally new for the week! I have only heard that it is absolutely beautiful and the people are really nice and super cool so stay tuned to where I am headed! Follow me on Instagram @BrittanyAnnCourtney to see videos and updates on what we are doing and where all we are going!
I have been traveling a lot lately (I feel so lucky, nothing beats traveling and experiencing new things!)  so I thought I would share 5 tips on packing for a trip.

1.) Make a List
I can't tell you how many times I would forget something because it was so obvious to bring but in the moment of packing with my mind racing a mile a minute I would forget a needed item.  It is so simple and basic, writing everything down, but it'll make you think twice and when you have the item packed, you'll feel super productive crossing it off the list!

2.) Compartmentalized your items
This packing cube set has been a game changer in preparing me for a trip, but also staying organized during the trip. I swear by them, you need to buy yourself a set now and buy your bestie one too! Great gift item idea for holidays and birthdays, if you ask me! I pack my clothing into these cubes based off of their function. For this trip, we will be spending most of our time outdoor doing something athletic. I have an entire packing cube dedicated to work out gear. Another one is devoted to evening outfits, what I will wear to dinner and what is a bit nicer to wear for different evening events. I have another one for the necessities, bra, underwear & socks. I used another one for swimsuits, cover ups,  sunscreen and pool slides. The cubes make your realized how much of each category you are packing and always helps me slim down the amount. During the trip, it's awesome because if you and whomever you are with decides to last second change what you are doing, you can immediately go to the one cube and pull what you need versus throwing everything around your suitcase. I highly recommend these! You can find these cubes at Homegoods, Marshalls & Target too!

3.) Layout your layers
You may not be headed somewhere chilly, but chances are between the airplane or restaurants, wherever you are going you will need something to keep you warm. I can't tell you how many times I pack similar-colored cardigans or jackets because I last second grabbed one for the plane. You need one cream/black cardigan, one jean jacket and one other cardigan. Not two of the same! I like to layout my layers so I can make sure the two or three added layers are different enough and serve a purpose. Can I wear them more than once? Twice? If so, then one will stay out for the plane and the two other will get packed (in a cube of course).

4.) Pack your carry-on last
This is huge for me. Traveling with a large camera, laptop, cords, batteries, etc. can be a lot. I need to have what I need with me to be organized and accessible. All of the above items get placed in my carry on + a few necessities in case the main luggage gets lost. I always have a pair of pjs, toothbrush, swimsuit, work out outfit, tennis shoes, change of underwear, some snacks and a book in my carry on. I have been reading "Beautiful Bodies" by Kimberly Rae Miller. I have really been enjoying it. It's this book on the struggles of accepting your body and trying to determine how to get the ideal body, while taking you through the hard times and humous times of trying new diets and trying to decipher what is realistic and what steps to take to get your goal body. Kimberly is an actress and write in NYC, so it's written from a really interesting perspective. I think all of us can relate, so I recommend this book! You want to be prepared for the worst and should you arrive somewhere without your main luggage you can enjoy your first part of the trip without too much disappointment. I like to keep anything valuable in my carry on so that it stays with me too! If the airline request that it does go under the plane for space, I keep a small lock on it that I can flip on it to reassure my mind that everything is safe & secured!

5.) Check in to your flight & check your confirmations
It's a total preference but checking into your flight ahead of time makes me feel I have everything under control and that I am up to date with the flight. You can usually pick your seat a head of time and have it on your phone to scan into the kiosk and then onto the plane. I like to do it! My friend Caitlin showed me the "Trip It" app which I also highly recommend! TripIt is an app that organizes all of your travel plans into one place. We used it for Italy and it was the best thing. You can forward all of your confirmations to plans@tripit.com and it stores everything into the app and shows you in a timeline everything you need. You can also add an event yourself if you wish. I did this when we pre-arranged a car service pick up for a few days later. It picks up confirmations from the email you create the account with so you don't have to add much if you keep everything in one or two email accounts!

I hope this post helps you in packing for your upcoming trips! These little five tips have really helped me be prepared and stay organized for all of my travels!
Where are you headed next?
xx, Brittany Ann 

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