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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

5 Tips on How To Transition Your Wardrobe from Summer to Fall + Everleigh Boutique Find

 Floral Strappy Dress // Faux Leather Jacket // Steve Madden Booties (also comes in black) // Mirrored Aviators ($12 similar version here) // Stud Earrings // Mac Lipstick  "Amorous

Hey everyone! 
It was certainly a windy day in Winston last Saturday afternoon when we took these photos! I wore this little dress and layered it with this faux leather jacket since I knew after mine and Pat's dinner date, the temperatures would be pretty cool. Overall, this entire past weekend was on the cooler side and with Irma upon us, this week is a lot cooler in temperature as well. All of this makes me ready for Fall. Bring it on; pumpkin bread, bonfires, leaf jumping, snuggling in blankets, I love it all! I love the layering that comes in cooler weather, leather jackets paired with dresses and skirt, booties and boots, scarves and a little puffer vest! Yes, yes yes!

Now I would be a fool if I thought these cooler temperatures were here to stay in North Carolina. This weekend and through next week, we are to be in the mid eighties. This is when layering becomes a key to stay warm first thing in the morning and then when you are out at night. This outfit was no exception, my dress is from the boutique, Everleigh and my faux leather jacket is from Old Navy. I thought I would share 5 tips on transitioning your summer wardrobe into Fall!

1.) Start with re-organizing: 
I begin with touching every single thing in my closet. Pull out your brightest, summery printed pieces, anything that just instantly screams "Summer" to you. I organize my closet by color and then within each color by sleeve length and thickness of the garment (I'm a bit OCD with my closest space- I like it super organized!) I sift through every single item and ask myself would I wear this when it's chilly and paired with some booties and under a jacket?? If the answer is "maybe" consider it a no and remove that item to be stored until after Spring!

2.) Do an inventory check of your basics for layering:
Now that you have in front of you the start of your Fall & Winter wardrobe do a quick scan of the basic items you have. Do you have the basic white / black/ stripe long sleeve that you will wear over and over again? What about the basic white / gray / black tee shirts that you can simply throw a scarf and a cardigan over?

3.) Do an inventory check on your footwear:
I do not buy new boots and booties in every color every year. I like to buy good quality items that will last a few years and only purchase when one particular style / color is on its last leg. You need  your favorite brown booties, favorite black booties, favorite over the knee boots as closet staples for Fall & Winter. Assess what you have so you can begin to look for the pair you love at a good price.

4.) Start to shift your color palette:
Think about the colors you like on yourself and imagine yourself with less of a tan and in the middle of winter. This will make you re-evaluate purchasing something you see yourself in now, but not in three months from now! If you have your favorite white dress that you can't seem to put away, that's perfectly okay but shift to accessorizing it with more browns and other neutrals versus bright jewelry and your favorite sandals. If I am not ready to wear booties with my favorite dresses quite yet, then I opt for simple flats to transition the look a bit!  Adding layers and depths of fabrics will transition that item from summer to fall. If you are purchasing items, stick to neutrals and less vibrant color options. My favorite colors to wear during this transition time is cream, blush,  gray, black, mauve, blue, any color that is typically more muted.

5.) Lastly use your layers to complete a look:
I mentioned before that simply adding depth in the fabrication you wear will greatly move you from season to season. Adding a blanket scarf to your favorite teeshirt dress and then adding a cardigan will simply do the trick. The blanket scarf is nice and thick and will keep you warm as it sits on your chest and the cardigan provides warmth to your arms and back. Perhaps you live somewhere warmer and don't need that much warmth yet, can you add a floppy hat to your look? Can you simply add a light weight scarf to a basic longsleeve? Maybe you can start with simply covering up your toes a bit to move towards Fall. If you are in a warmer climate, I love the denim shorts with a sweater look. I recently just found this twist back sweater in black, pink and blue and I plan on wearing next week with shorts when I am in Florida. It's super cute!

 Fun fact, my friend Jenny owns Everleigh, which is where my dress is from, and we worked together as fashion buyers a few years ago! She is one of the sweetest and smartest woman I know! She is offering a 20% discount off your entire purchase with code 'Brittany20'. Be sure to check out my Insta-story (follow me @BrittanyAnnCourtney) for more Everleigh pieces I am excited to wear this Fall season!

Enjoy the day!
xx, Brittany Ann 
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