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Friday, October 6, 2017

The 8 Things I Always Keep in my Gym Bag

Birdie Jemma Gymbag // Marble Long Sleeve //High Impactl Sportsbra // Gymshark Fit Cropped Leggings // Adidas NMDs (similar here) // Blender Bottle ProStak

Happy Friday everyone! I'm sharing one of my favorite bags I own- my gym bag! 
This Birdie Gym bag quickly became one of my favorites when I realized how much can fit inside of it and how versatile it is. This bag can surely be used from office to gym, gym to running errands, whatever your needs may be. It doubles as the perfect bag to be used for a weekend getaway too! Take a sneak inside my bag as I share my top 8 items I always keep in my workout bag!

1.) Protein Bars
 First & foremost would have to be my little stockpile of Pure Protein & Quest bars. I keep a few in a little zip case that you can pick up in a set from Marshalls or Tjmax. I don't like anything loose in any of my bags so these little bags are the best way to stay organized! These bars can range from  20 grams of protein to 30 grams which is an incredible amount to consume at one serving of protein. I keep them in my bag incase I decide to run errands after the gym, decide to stay for a work out class after my work out, perfect to always have on hand. In fact, if you look inside any of my handbags, there is bound to be one of these in there. Back up fuel!

2.) Sweat Towel
Okay, no the most glamorous thing to talk about but let's cut to the basics. You're working out super hard, sweat is going to occur. It's a serious mood buster if I get to the gym and realize I don't have a towel to wipe my face with. So with this bag, I can keep a few in there! Pat's favorite is this Gatorade towel because despite the printing on it, it's super soft! 

3.) Dry Shampoo & Deodorant
My favorite dry shampoo is Batiste Dry Shampoo Original Clean & Classic and you can get a good deal on it on Amazon, however, if you are out and about and need to easily pick a bottle up, I like Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Dry Shampoo. Favorite deodorant? Mine would have to be Dove's Cool Essentials (cucumber scent)!

4.) Shower Essentials
In case I don't have time to run home after the gym but need to shower, I keep travel sizes of my favorite shampoo, conditioner & body wash in another little zip case. I have my wet brush (I talked about how I swear by this brush here), travel size moisturizer and BB cream so I have some coverage for wherever I need to go in a hurry!

5.) First Aid Basics
I keep some bandaids, Neosporin and migraine relief in a little zipper compartment because you just never know when you need these basic things! I have the same little set in my car too!

6.) Headphones
I wear my wireless Beats by Dre for almost my entire work out. You can find the white ones and a few other colors here. Those babies are synced to my Spotify account and I play my gym playlist! Sometimes I play 90s rap (lol) because it pumps me up and motivates me to work harder ahaha! I always have a pair of old iPhone headphones with me, the ones with the circular jack so if I am on the stair master or an elliptical and I want to listen to HGTV or a football game, I can plug those in to listen!

7.) Another set of clothes
Typically, I always keep another gym outfit. Tank, sports bra, leggings, underwear and socks. This is incase I need to run out and meet up with some people or whatever,  I can rock the athleisure trend, but be obviously clean while doing it! This bag is awesome because you can store two pairs of shoes underneath the main compartment! Again, so versatile!

8.)  After Workout Protein
I always have an extra blender bottle in my bag that has a serving of protein powder in it. Similar to the protein bars, after you work out you really want to fuel your body. All you need is to mix in some water and be on your way out the door!

I hope all of you have a fantastic weekend. Pat and I are off somewhere traveling with his parents and sister (and her three dachshunds and our Rubybear). It's a southern town with a ton of charm! I have always wanted to visit so be sure to follow me on instagram @brittanyanncourtney to see our adventures!

Thanks for stopping by!
xx, Britany Ann 

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