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Monday, January 8, 2018

4 Ways I Organize after the Holidays

 Wrapping Paper Organizer // Card Box (comes with dividers) // Ornament Storage Box // Similar Plaid Photo Album (like this one too), Cards & Tissue Paper from HomeGoods 

Hi everyone! 
Organization is the key to a stress free household. I love organizing, I believe everything has its place and that even in the smallest spaces, you can have a spot for all of your items. Sometimes you have to think creatively, but mostly, you just have to organize. I absolutely love our home decorated for Christmas, but it brings me joy after the New Year to take everything down and put back into its spot! Is there anyone else there that agrees with me?! Don't get me started on Spring cleaning! Hahah!

Anyway, I thought I would share 4 things that I immediately do after the holidays and a few ways I  start the year off through organizing.

1.) Store Christmas items in an organized way so it'll be the least amount of work next year when you get everything back out. Have you ever decorated your entire home to then find another box of ornaments or decorations a day later? This is frustration that can be eliminated! I bought this ornament storage box to have all of my ornaments in one place. This way when I approach decorating the tree, I have the ornaments and ribbon right there ready to go. No more random boxes within boxes. All of my other decorations get placed in a box clearly labeled Christmas.

2.) Add your Christmas wrapping paper to a plastic organizer with your other wrapping paper so it doesn't get ripped or crinkled. If you do not have this, you must purchase one now.  This one is identical to mine and is $7.00 from Amazon. I absolutely love this organizer too because of its designated pockets for ribbon, scissors, tape, and tissue paper! This is genius and will be life changing for you!  I start the year off with purchasing more birthday paper and pretty printed paper (for engagement gifts, housewarming gifts, etc.) so I have a little stockpile for when I need it. This always saves me time so I don't have to make a separate trip out. I have a similar approach to cards too...

3.) Buy an array of cards and store them in a card box. Mine has little plastic dividers so I can organize them by occasion within the storage box. I love receiving cards. I actually have a card box that is for all the cards I have received from Pat, family and friends over the years. I love re-reading my cards and looking through them. It brings me such happiness to read the thoughtful things my loved ones has written me. I am a hopeless romantic :-) Anyway, I start the year off with buying multiple cards (birthday, sympathy, wedding, congratulations, baby etc) to have on hand for when they are needed. I hate running out to the store for one item only, and I found I kept doing this for when I needed cards! My biggest tip- Buy them at HomeGoods! I can't believe how expensive cards have become and I love the simple but pretty designed ones from HomeGoods. They are priced from $2-$4 and have embellishments and everything. They say something simple on the inside or are blank which I love, because I never have enough room to write what I want anyways!

4.) Print this past Holiday season photos and store them in a photo album. This is a new tradition I am starting this year with Pat. The holidays are such a magical time of the year and I love the idea of being able to have this book of favorite holiday memories from over the years. It's something I think I will treasure more as time goes on and we have a family. My tip in this though, is do not wait until next year to print the images, just do it now! The Kodak Moment app is amazing. It takes maybe 2 minutes total to select photos you want printed and then send to your closest CVS for pick up. I love anything that makes my life more efficient and this app is one of them! I purchased my photo album from HomeGoods but found this one and this one online that I love! 

On a bit of a random note, I wanted to share this adorable hand painted ornament of Ruby from the PaintedPooches shop on Etsy. You can send Amanda a photo of your pup and she will handpaint it on an ornament. I think this is such a cute gift idea or if you want one for yourself...go ahead and order one now :-)

Thanks for stopping by!
xx, Brittany Ann 

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