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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

My CycleBar Experience + Hosting Free Class

Hey guys! I'm super excited over here to announce that I am partnering with the new CycleBar studio downtown in Winston! If you are in the area and want to try out CycleBar for free, come join me this Saturday at noon for a ride! Simply register for the class with this link. You just need to make an account (email + password) and then show up at noon. Cycle shoes are provided as well as
towels and water. Be ready to sweat and get a challenging work out in!  

 I wanted to quickly tell all of you why I love cycling! Cycling is one hour of zoning out of day to day life and being able to solely focus on how I am feeling in the moment. Each ride is your own journey- you control how hard it is by pushing yourself. Pat and I had tried our first CycleBar class a few weeks back. We had each made online accounts (same as in the above link if you are going to come and give it a try) and was super pleased to find out how easy the entire process was. When you register for a class, you pick a bike you want to ride. That bike number correlates to the cubby when you walk into the studio where you cycling shoes are waiting. You simply sign in on the iPad and off you go! It's that easy! After the class you receive an email telling you how you performed and ranked in the class. There are some "races" that you and your fellow riders compete in but its only your bike number and username that appears on the screen! Honestly, when we were racing in our class, I was so focused on trying to beat Pat, I couldn't even look at the screen to try to figure out his speed and how well he was doing! Hahah!

In case you are completely unfamiliar with CycleBar studios, CycleBar is an indoor cycling studio. They aim at having the best instructors with great music in a great environment. You can see in the above photos, the studio is dark with really cool LED lights. The instructor changes the lights throughout the ride which is actually a really great way to switch it up so you don't feel you are just pedaling on and on! I like working out in the dark because for me, it feels really empowering! They do offer different kinds of music in their classes- hip hop, concert series, etc and they also hold community events  after some of their classes so you can meet other riders. You can really feel a  sense of community at the studio!

I really want to challenge you to try a new workout in the next week! Sometimes we get in a rut of a routine and you have to switch it up to tap back into your motivation and focus. You most likely set some kind of a fitness or health related goal on January 1st- stick with it now! Join me in cycling this Saturday at noon at the Winston Salem downtown studio! Just sign up using this link and remember to bring a friend! The class is free so you might as well try it while you can!

Thanks for following along,
xx, Brittany Ann 

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