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Monday, March 12, 2018

Selfie Leslie Wrap Dress

Hi beauties! Monday morning it is! Whose ready for the start of a new week? ME!
With the wedding being only one month out, I am beginning to feel a bit overwhelmed with what needs to be finalized! It's all in my head though, I have my to do list and I am making progress on it so I know it's a mental thing! I just keep thinking I am going to become the wife of the most amazing man I know and that is what the focus needs to be :-)

I recently wore this two piece set on my instagram from when I was in Mexico and it's the brand Selfie Leslie. I had ordered the set from Forever21, whom if you haven't checked their stuff out recently, you should! Forever21 is carrying many different brands and I feel the fits and quality has improved from when I shopped there when I was younger! Anyway, the set is the brand Selfie Leslie and so I took a look at their actual website and got this wrap dress. I feel most of their clothing has some kind of sexy element to it. I like that this dress shows a little of my chest, not too much, but I feel there is an element to their pieces that just work in favor of being young and feminine. You can search "Selfie Leslie" on Forever21 like I did here so it brings up the brand's products. If you like my outfit in the instagram link about, the same print comes in a maxi dress here.
I like sharing new finds with all of you so let me know if this was a good share! :-)
Happy Monday! I hope it's a sunny and productive one for you!
xx, Brittany Ann 

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