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Monday, April 9, 2018

Final Wedding Update

Bride Banner  // Personalized Wine Glass // Wine Glass Gift Box (highly recommend!!)  // Monogrammed Notepads // Message in a Bottle Favor // With Love Gift Bags // Groom's Card (similar here) // Mother's Card (similar here)  // Passport Cover // Take Me Away Luggage Tag 

Happy Monday everyone!
I know I am long overdue for a wedding here's my update: WE LEAVE THIS WEEK! SAY WHAT?! Pat and I leave mid week for our big adventure! We arrive to the resort four days before everyone else will get there! We are looking forward to getting to the Dominican, exploring the resort and meeting with the wedding planners to run through the big day! It's such a strange thing, I have been planning this big day with a person I have never met (our planner) in a place we have never been! More to come on my overall experience once we get back from the wedding! I want to share more about planning a destination wedding and how to- so stay tuned!

I thought I would share the last few things on my mind that I have been doing to ensure everything is ready to go!

1.) Write out all cards you are wanting to give out on the big day. There isn't anything worst than scrambling to write something thoughtful and rushing through it! The two cards I showed above I purchased from the cutest card shop in Charleston. It's called Mac&Murphy and while you can't find these exact cards on their website, add this place as a must see when you visit Charleston next! I've linked similar ones above in the link!

2.) Prepare your bridal party gifts. I absolutely love how cute these personalized stemless wine glasses turned out! I actually had the chance to meet with Ashley, the Etsy shop owner I got the glasses from! She is super sweet and really cool- she loves traveling too and has been all over! Anyways, ordering is super easy, you leave a note of names you want on the glasses when you check out on Etsy and that's literally it! So easy to order! I also got these cute white gift boxes for the glasses which I highly recommend! I think no matter the distance you are traveling with these glasses as a gift, it's just much easier to have them contained in a little box!

3.) Write out your final to dos. You don't want to miss a single thing. I have actually gone back and assigned a day next to each task to ensure I have ample amount of time to complete everything!

4.) Create and print out any little "extras". I actually used this instant download from an Etsy shop to create our Welcome cards, Order of Events programs and placecards. It was super easy to navigate and to edit the template! Once your done editing you simply download to your computer. I then emailed it to my closest FedEx shop and had them print it for me! I love how they turned out!

5.) Prepare the welcome bags goodies! I had to be a bit strategic in what I wanted to include in the welcome bag due to us having to carry everything on us. I did a lot of research on shipping items to the resort but it seems that it's pretty questionable if the package would arrive. It can get held up in customs and I didn't want to gamble that so I thought about what would be practical to travel with but also what our guests would use. We have included little Advil & Tylenol packets, mints, lotion,  Tums and a few other surprises!

6.) Look over contracts one last time. Payments for everything can be specific and really different from one vendor to another. For us, we have to pay the officiant in cash and in person. Our photographer requires the final payment when we are there and in a different format. Finally, the resort is a separate and final payment too. It's one of those things you have to be on top of so you don't miss a thing and so you don't incur any late charges!

7.) Purchase tourist card ahead of time. When you travel to the Dominican Republic, immediately entering the country you have to buy a tourist card. It's just a $10 tax they impose on everyone but you can purchase online a head of time. I am a pyscho when it comes to trying to be the most efficient person possible so I did this ahead of time for Pat and I. You can purchase at the airport- it's just a separate line you have to get into! 

8.) Try your dress & accessories on one last time. This goes back to not wanting to miss a single thing! I'm putting it all on one more time to ensure I have everything I need!

9.) Write out emergency information for pets (or children!) for whom they are staying with. Our friend Matt is so generous, he is watching Ruby for the entire time we are away. I wrote out her veterinary information just incase, God forbid, he would need it! 

10). Send a photocopy of passport and photocopy of license to a family member or friend who will not be traveling with you or email to yourself. You never know when this little back up could save the day.

11.) Pack! And begin packing early. I like to make piles of different categories so I can see in total what I have and identify areas quickly where I am packing too much or too little. For an example, I always make a work out pile, swimsuits, dinner outfits, comfy clothes, hair tools, etc. While I would rather be overpacked than under packed, I really try to ask myself, am I really going to wear this or do I really need more outfits than days there?! 

I can't wait to share the wedding and trip with all of you! I know when I get back I'll be posting for a month on all of it! Stay tuned! 

xx, Brittany Ann

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  1. Sounds so exciting! Everything looks so nice and hope you enjoy your big day.

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