Now for our HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT! Pat and I are MOVING into our new home in less than a month! OMG! We are going to be homeowners and we both literally can not wait. We had been house hunting long before the wedding, on and off and when we realized we weren’t finding anything we loved as is, we decided to explore the option of building. Now before you start thinking a custom built home with 5000 square feet that we wouldn’t be able to find each other in, that’s not the case. We call it a semi-built home but we get all the benefits of picking out all the design details! Basically with the builders we chose, we choose from 20 different homes and pick the layout of the downstairs, upstairs, if we want to add additional rooms, exterior features, exterior paint colors, interior paint colors. We chose the floors, bathroom tiles, appliances, light fixtures, doors, hardware (cabinets, doors, etc.). We chose to go with a bigger patio, to add a small border of stone to the exterior front. We added windows wherever we could (my #1 priority was natural light!), decided on the actual lot of the neighborhood we wanted, etc. I am most excited for the kitchen!  My dream kitchen has always been white but when we were selecting everything in the showroom appointment back in April, I flipped a switch and went with gray! I can not wait for the counters, omg, I see them in my sleep you guys! Hahah! Pat has another thing coming because I know I will be obsessive compulsion on keeping them sparkly white at all times! Anyways, it has been a wonderful experience seeing it come to life. Pat and I drive to the new house (we call it Ruby’s Castle) every few days to see it’s progress. It’s insane how much gets done every single day! There’s like a ton of people there at all times! I’ll be adding a “House” highlight to my instagram story reel so be sure to check there if you want to see more! Thought I would share some images with you all now!


My office!

Ruby girl is in the upstairs hallway!

Pat is standing in our Master Bedroom.

Master Bath shower!

Pat is standing in the master bedroom!

Bench with cubbies- ESSENTIAL for all of Pat’s gym crap lol!

I can’t wait to share more with all of you!

Enjoy your weekend!

xx, Brittany Ann



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  1. Robin
    October 22, 2018 / 7:20 pm

    Omg how exciting!!! It’s looking beautiful!!

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