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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Minted June Invitations

Hi guys! As soon as Pat and I had decided we wanted a small, intimate ceremony and reception in the Dominican, our families had said we should have some kind of celebration back home in Pittsburgh where Pat and I grew up. It would be a fun way to get all of our family members and friends together to really celebrate the commitment Pat and I made and to celebrate us! I am always down for a gathering so we began planning it right away. It's going to be a big outdoor picnic with lots of games, good bbq, cold beers and drinks, and of course a DJ! My mom insisted- she can break it down you guys! Anyways, Pat and I come from super large families and so we are just too excited to get everyone together in the same space. I am just desperately hoping the weather is beautiful and it doesn't rain! Fingers crossed for me, okay?!

I wanted to share our wedding announcements / picnic reception invitations because once again, Minted did it again. I say this because I was absolutely in love with our Save the Dates (you can see them in this post here) and I am obsessed with these little invites now too! Minted is a one stop shop for anything design related- they have independent designers that create invitations, stationary, announcements, artwork etc. It's really cool that you are selecting someone's design and employing their work right there and then! I love that! 

Gold foil anything has been super trendy lately. I knew I wanted to go with something simple and pretty so I chose the "Nougat Foil Pressed Engagement Party" invitations by Chocomocacino. Everything is super easy to customize and move around. You can literally design what you need to design in a matter of a few minutes. It took me twice as long to decide on a design and what images to use than to type it all out and customize it! 

What do you think of our stamps?! Our little Ruby on them- how freaking cute?! I had so many people call and text me to say how cute the stamps were and to RSVP that way instead of responding through our Minted Wedding website! :-) It didn't bother me, the stamps are super, super cute and I was happy to hear from some family and friends! 

If you have any big events coming up or even when you go to make your Christmas cards- I would keep Minted in mind. I love how easy it is to order, how many choices there are and I especially love you are choosing artists from all over the world that love what they do! They enter their designs to Minted each month and compete to make it to sell their designs- super cool! 

Thanks for stopping by!
xx, Brittany Ann 


Monday, May 28, 2018

Polka Dot Set

Happy Memorial Day you guys! 
I hope you enjoyed the holiday weekend with some family and friends! The weather wasn't the greatest here in Winston, we have been having severe thunderstorms on and off for the past week. It has rained at least twice a day every day now. I'm like, is this what Seattle is like? I do not know if I could take this everyday! Pat's birthday was Saturday so I surprised him with his favorite breakfast, Kevin Hart tickets, a few other gifts and we enjoyed dinner at a new Mexican restaurant and were able to sit outside with Ruby! It was wonderful! 

I wore this look at the resort one night. I am a huge fan of two piece sets, you guys know this by now with this skort set I wore in this blog post, the pant and halter top set I wore in this blog post and this gingham set I posted on Friday here. I love that you have this outfit that looks great together but then you can wear the two pieces separately and you have an entirely different look. The combinations are endless! 

I wanted to say quickly, thanks for following. I started my blog as a way to be creative and share my love for clothes that make me feel confident and happy. It means the world to me for the support you give!
Thanks :-)

xx, Brittany Ann

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Friday, May 25, 2018

Gingham Two Piece Set Less than $42!

Hi guys! I wanted to share that this top + skirt is a total of $42 and you will never guess where it is from! Flashback to high school yall- yup I am going there! The top and skirt two piece comes in two other prints and I can't believe it's on sale! It's so cute, perfect for a night out, brunch with the girls, you name it! The skirt is a great length- you could pull it up a bit higher for less torso to show- it's not too short to begin with so you can most certainly pull it up if you wanted to! Abercrombie entire store is 40% off for the entire weekend! Do you guys have anything crazy going on for Memorial Day? It's Pat's birthday tomorrow so today I am making plans for dinner and some surprises for him!

There are a lot of sales going on right now.
Abercrombie is having entire store 40% off
Asos is having 30% off their occasion wear (think wedding guest dresses!)
Nordstrom is having their summer sale, some items up to 40% off
Forever21 is having an extra 30% off sale items
Old Navy is always having a sale-haha-but I love their athletic tops
Lulus is having an extra 30% off sale items

Thanks for stopping by,
xx, Brittany Ann 

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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Finding Mental Balance with your Body Goals

Hi guys! I have said it before and I'll say it again. I am not at the weight or body shape I am striving for, however, my body is a work in progress and I am happy with that. I have lost a total 18 pounds (and believe I have lost even more than that in terms of fat because I have certainly toned up in many places- muscle weighs more than fat). One of the things I really struggle with is keeping my mind in a positive place- when it comes to my own self perspective on my body- and finding a peace with what I have achieved so far.

Some closest to me would say I am a perfectionist and while I can physically see results, in my mind, I often tell myself it isn't enough. Or how come the back of my leg looks like this? How come I still have this here? It has really been in the last month with the wedding, that I have finally found mental peace. I am just overwhelmed with so much happiness from the wedding it has made me look at myself in a new light. Finally I have realized that I can mentally be happy, and still have goals to strive for-with my body. A journey isn't one if you stay in the same place, you have to keep going. So no matter where you are, if you enjoy where you are at, thats perfectly fine, but to keep exploring, you have to move forward!

Never give up on yourself, keep pushing yourself forward. You will see results-your body will react to your hard work and positivity.

Thanks for stopping by,
xx, Brittany Ann

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